Introducing the Great Utah Adventure of 2014!

You may have noticed my blogging has taken on a bit of an unusual theme. When you see the leaves begin to fall and the windowpanes get frosty, I’m sure the first thing you think is, “THE TIME TO GARDEN IS NIGH”. Right guys? …guys? *sigh* Guess I’m alone on that one.

I explained that the break in triple digit heat was to blame for my excitement, but that was only partially true. (Sorry I half-lied. Can we still be friends?) While it’s true that I do reverse-hibernate every year, only coming out of my house-cave for a few months starting in Autumn – there are other, much mo’ awesomer reasons for my Prematurely Verdant Dreams:

In the beginning of October, the wife and I set forth to conquer the wilds of southern Utah. And also, we visited my extended family. The Great Utah Adventure of 2014 was pretty epic! Some of its highlights include …

. getting Married-married to my wife!!
. spending time with my hero, my 96-year-old, skydiving Grandma!!
. traipsing around the world’s largest living organism (Quaking Aspen Forest for the win)!!!
. hiking* through a slot canyon and other amazing feats of geological conquest!!
. procuring photographic evidence of my wife’s first-ever campfire s’more!!
. connecting with my roots – finding out my whole family is full of inspiring people!!!
. collecting seeds from the gardens of my awesome Aunts!!!
* by hiking, I really mean Walking on Slight Terrain. And taking pictures. Lots of pictures**.
** over the course of our 3-day visit, I took no fewer than 650 photos. Some of them even turned out pretty good!

Calm down, guys, calm down! I can practically hear you yelling through my modem – “You had awesome wilderness adventures, collected family stories, connected with amazing people, and legally married your Wife … and all you’re harping on are your silly garden plans?!” Relax. Over the next few months, I’ll share stories and photos from our vacation Great Utah Adventure of 2014, I promise. Honestly, once we got home our social calendar filled up crazy-fast, and it was easier to just fill my blog schedule with some of the happy-fluff instead of trying to beat my already frazzled brain for anything of more substance.

But, y’know since we’re still talking about my awesome garden plans for Spring 2015 … wanna see some photos of a few of the plants I’ll be planting from the seeds I collected? You do??! You guys are so sweet to indulge me.



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