Know Thyself

Every year about this time, I start planning my spring garden. Sometimes things live, but sometimes the only thing I harvest from my efforts is a bit more knowledge for next time.

Things I’ve learned about Myself
. I always mean well, but it’s time to be real: I have never been one to water my garden, and I doubt that’s going to change. 
. Therefore, plant only where my sprinkler system will hit. (goddess bless modern conveniences).
. Don’t use being broke as an excuse not to garden. Starting seeds indoors in January is cheap, and crazy easy.
. Don’t forget to plant your seedlings in the ground once it’s warm enough. If kept indoors too long, the ones that survive your neglect will be wimpy and sad. They’ll be ready sooner than you think.
. Newspaper is your friend! Every spring, work last year’s mulch into the Texas Clay, to help it become something resembling Soil. Then, put down lots and lots of newspaper, and top it with mulch. It will act as a biodegradable weed-blocker, and make your beds look awesomer longer.
. Prune stuff periodically. Not only will it make things look tidy, it prompts the plant to create new growth – filling out faster, and flowering more frequently.
. Don’t be so timid! If I hate the layout I create, I can move anything that grows back next year. Plants are more resilient than I give ’em credit for.
. Less is more. One of the great things about having your own yard is that you can add to your garden year after year. I dream of a riotous cottage garden – but I need to give myself permission to start small. Choose only a few types of seed to start over winter, and focus on Not Killing Those. Setting myself up for success will help both me and my plants.


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