Why Autumn is the Best

Autumn is almost upon us!

(I have to admit, I felt an unhealthy amount of joy over composing a sentence entirely out of words that start with vowels!)

So. As I was saying before I showed the world what a Werd Nerd I am … my favourite season is nearly here! Fall is my favourite, and not just because it means a break from the triple-digit heat here in Texas.

I love everything about Autumn – wrapping up in favourite scarves and sweaters against the crispy evenings … that trees suddenly burst into their best Firework impersonations … snuggles become sweeter against the autumn chill, lattes more scrumptious when they warm not just icy fingers, but the whole body – inside out! Everything feels more magical as the veil between the worlds grows thin. My heart drinks up the beauty in Mother Earth’s reminder that all good things must come to an end, to make way for the better things She has in store. 

Connecting with Mother Earth’s changing seasons reminds me that my life comes in seasons too, and that the Great Mother holds my heart in just as much care as She does her foxes and birds and flowers…. It helps me weather the difficult winters, the times in my life when the stuff in my heart feels fallow and crispy and dead. Her changing seasons remind me that Dormant is different than Dead… and that even death is an honored and beautiful thing, since that which we mourn will fertilize and feed the next Life that’s born.

And so it is I celebrate Autumn – she is more than just pretty leaves, costumes and candy, or even Turkey dinners… to me, She is a beautiful reminder that we are in the heart of a Being greater than ourselves, and a prayer that we can remember to connect meaningfully, simply, compassionately with our own hearts, and the hearts of those around us.


2 thoughts on “Why Autumn is the Best

  1. I love what you say about how “dormant is different than dead.” Just because one door is closing doesn’t mean another will never again open for us (is that a double negative? I don’t care.) nice post!

    • Thanks for that lovely comment, Kyle! I’m so glad you enjoyed this one. We tiny humans never seem to learn – we just keep trying to quantify, to plan, to mold the world to our will, but it takes a lot of courage to be in that place – to embrace that life can change, even for the better… it’s much more comfortable to believe in absolutes. For me it’s pretty much a daily struggle, constantly reminding myself to breathe, to let go. It can be hard work, but I’ve already noticed a positive change in my outlook, in only a year. Definitely worth remembering though. 🙂

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