So much Ruffle Scarves!

Oh My God, guys – how fabulous are these??! Remember how I told you I worked on several projects this winter? Well, these were one of the Great Holiday Projects of 2014 for my etsy shoppe. If you know me at all, you know that I love flouncy and fabulous accents – the bigger the statement, the better. I just adore how feminine and sassy these turned out to be.


And how ’bout them photos, ehhh?? I’m having a lot of fun practicing my product photos. My house is practically littered with antiques and kitschy heirlooms – hence the “victorian” in Victorian Boheme. Tossing a few together to create little vignettes has been just about as fun as a snuggling a happy penguin! And in an effort to simplify my Process, I’ve challenged myself to see what I can do with just my smart phone camera. Nifty, huh?

Anyway, I’d love it if you’d take a moment to head over to my shoppe. Find something you think a friend would love? Share that bugger on Social Media! Eventually I’ll be technologically savvy enough to offer you a coupon in exchange for your “likes” and “shares” … until that time, here! Have a cookie!


A most righteous Mass Effect DIY

Ok, brace yourselves, guys. You know how I told you I’d show off all my holiday crafting, but then left you hanging like a tease? Well, the wait is over!! This project was my pièce de résistance, the most amazing-est project I’ve tackled in a while. My crafter-friends might know what I’m talking about: don’t you just love taking on a project that turns out to be a bigger bite than you think you can chew? No, not the part where your anxiety levels go through the roof, you lay awake at night terrified that you won’t meet your deadline, and everyone around you starts worrying about your sanity… No! The part where you rise spectacularly to the challenge, and your end product turns out more awesome than you thought you could have ever done!!


That’s this hoodie, all the way!

My wife is a HUGE fan of the epic video game, Mass Effect. It’s pretty stellar – you play as an elite marine in a futuristic army, and turn out to be pretty much the only hope standing between everyone in the galaxy and utter annihilation by a race of AIs hellbent on starting everything back at square one. It’s a seriously amazing trilogy of games, and I never get tired of watching her play through. 


Anyway, so the main character, Commander Shepherd, is a member of an elite branch of humanity’s army, called the N7s. The N7s have an iconic set of armor, cuz they’re real trend-setters like that. My wife has been jonesin’ for some N7 gear from Bioware’s Official Online Store for months, but da-yum, that shit’s expensive. So y’know, since I Make The Things, I figured I’d try my hand at making her Christmas Dreams come true. 


(and also, this wallet!)

I can’t tell you how stressed that made me! The stakes were high! Either she’d get the best Christmas haul ever, or she’d open her gifts and give me the grimace that every crafter knows and dreads: the “Ohhh, what a nice thought…” grimace. The face that says, “I’ll only wear this in front of you once before I try to get the dog to ‘accidentally’ pee on it so I can finally throw it away…”. 

Guys, that was not the expression on her face. I pretty much owned Christmas this year! I don’t mean to brag or anything, but Santa totally asked if I could teach a webinar for his elves this year. Yeah, it’s like that.

Anyway, I may post a more detailed DIY on the process in the next month or so. Would anyone be interested in reading something like that? I’m still trying to find my Blogging Groove. DIYs are definitely in the works – I’d love feedback on the kinds of things you’d enjoy seeing here.

In which I see an Omen

January 1st 2015 ’twas a dark and stormy night, and no one in their right minds should’ve been out in that shit. For serious. But gossip is gossip, and since juicy tidbits are best shared in person over drinks, my sweet sister-in-law bravely faced the elements. Startled by a visitor at such a late hour, I opened my door to find her on my front stoop, bundled against the cold, but drenched. My wife rushed her inside, and urged her be warm near our roaring fire space heater. As I turned to close the door against the storm, I shouted and ducked, for something large and entirely too FLAPPY barreled into the foyer, and up to the second floor.

My heart pounded and my mind raced, for it seemed too damn cold out for anything as innocent as a Moth of Monsterous Proportions to be hanging around. What dared breach my threshold?! Who waged battle against my hearth and home??!



My face pretty much sums up how I felt about the situation. NATURE HAPPENED IN MY HOUSE. My house, guys! Aside from being a delightfully amusing situation, and a bona fide Magical Moment, hosting this guy at my New Year’s Fairy Tea Party (he politely declined refreshments, asking only to go back out to see his girlfriend) was an Omen. My first Good Omen of 2015.

Humour me as I wax a bit philosophical here… I absolutely believe in signs and omens. I believe in unseen forces helping to guide our lives. I believe that if you can manage to look at the events in your life with a sense of almost childlike wonder, you can see common threads that guide you along your path, like a friendly current in a babbling stream. Fighting this current is human nature – we like to imagine we control more than we actually do. But learning to relax and enjoy the ride has only ever brought me good things.

Wrens are symbols of Joyfully Embracing Change. As a (usually) migratory bird, these little guys rarely stay in one place for more than a season – but that doesn’t stop them from making themselves right at home in whatever situation they might find themselves. They are playful and social creatures, and create strong bonds within their little family units.

I can’t tell you how perfectly I feel this sums up my life right now. Deciding to jump into this self-employment thing hasn’t exactly made parts of my life feel more stable. In fact, I spent a good portion of 2014 fighting those changes and feeling sorry for myself. Honestly, the only thing that’s helped keep me sane have been the bonds I’ve been nurturing within my Framily. In the last 6 months, I’ve challenged myself to look on the bright side, to stop holding so tightly to all my problems, and to stop imagining that I’m alone. I’ve surrounded myself with supportive, loving family, and I’ve found that no matter how many things shift and change, no matter how unrecognizable my life becomes – I can still feel at home, because Home is in my heart.

So thank you, Mr. Wren, for your timely visit. Before you dropped by, I’d been pondering the New Year, wondering if I was on the right path, moving in healthy directions that will align with my values, goals, and purpose. I needed the reminder that this new path I’m forging, this new perspective I’m nurturing… it’s all setting a strong foundation for the life I’m creating for myself.
Blessed Be.

In which I break my Holiday Silence

Hey guys! Sorry for my radio silence. My holiday season was jam-packed with family, festivity, and food! Some of my favourite “f-words”…!

Every year, I commit to making a few handmade Christmas presents, and every year I forget how stressful that is! I was worried that things might not get finished in time (what with my Holiday Craft Show at the beginning of December, and more items on my social calendar than this introvert usually has in 6 months!!), but I managed to get everything done, with a little time to spare. And by “time to spare” I mean “wrapped and under the tree on Christmas Eve”. Don’t judge me! So I work well under pressure…

So after I came down from the final celebratory sugar coma, and the wrapping paper carnage was properly stowed, I needed a flippin’ break … which I didn’t get for another week or two. Did I mention my birthday is one week after Christmas? (It was delightful, by the by. I have the best wife and family!!)

Anyway, all this is to say, I missed you! I know I only have about five regular readers (Hiii, mom!), but I’ve really grown to enjoy updating a blog again. (I used to LiveJournal like a fooool back in the day, man). Here in the next week or two, I’ll be sharing some pictures from the projects I’ve been working on – both the gifts, and the new stock for my etsy shoppe. I’ll also likely share an obligatory New Years Resolutions post, because I actually really love that shit.

If anything tickles your fancy, I’d love to hear from you! Comments are Love, guys. Never forget that blogging with zero feedback is like screaming into a vacuum. Nature abhors it, and so do I.