Valentine-y Nail Art

OK! So I used my new DIY nail polish! I thought the Ballet-Slipper-Pink would be great to use in celebration of the most overcommercialized excuse to buy chocolate and flowers Valentine’s Day. Check it out!


I’m not great at freehand nail art, so I tend to keep my designs relatively simple. That helps keep my right hand from looking like it was painted by a 2-year-old (my left-handed painting skills are more than a bit lacking). I decided to go for pink nails (with one white accent nail) and a tiny red heart. Making the heart was rather fun! I just dabbed a bit of polish on a scrap piece of paper, and applied it to my nail using one of my tiny Crap Paintbrushes. You could use a tooth pick, the tip of a pencil, or even a paperclip just as easily.

So what are your plans this V-day? Treating yourself to a day of pampering? Sharing it with a special someone? The wife and I celebrate an anniversary at the beginning of February, so we usually skip the 14th. Regardless, I tend not to buy into the whole SHOW ALL YOUR FEELS ON THIS ONE ARBITRARY DAY. Perhaps that makes me a bit cynical, but I enjoy doing all those Valentiney-things for my sweetheart throughout the year. 

Whatever you’re up to, I hope your 14th is loveley, dears. 🙂


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