In which I give my Inner Critic the Bird

My Inner Critic is really loud today. I started at least 750 great blog posts (at least), but each time I really got going my Critic would interrupt and say, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. Who do you think you are, anyway? You’re a nobody. A seven-time College Dropout (sadly, not an exaggeration). You don’t finish what you start – you CAN’T finish what you start.”

Well you know what, Inner Critic? You’re an asshole.


People are so quick to celebrate this age of technological advances, of the new global economy, that they overlook how easy it is in this Age of unprecedented Global Connection to feel small, unimportant, or unempowered. We’re not trying to Keep Up With The Jones’s anymore – I’m trying to keep up with artisans in Portland, bloggers in Canada, and stand up to trolls in … who knows?

That can be really overwhelming, especially as a person who frequently externalizes my worth – it’s easy for me to value myself by what I do (or don’t do), by what other people say (or worse, what I think that they think). But what might happen if I stood up to my Inner Critic? What if I stopped asking permission to try? What if I dared to love myself so much, that the outcome of my leap of faith wouldn’t matter more than the fact that I tried?

So today I told my Inner Critic, “Fuck you, I know a lotta things”, and wrote a blog post. I’m also going to work on a new product before that Bitch can try to rain on my parade there, too. What can I say? I’m feeling sassy.

But I’m also going to pose this question to you, Dear Reader –

What can you do today to prove your critic wrong? How are you going to remind yourself that your voice is important, that the world – your world – needs to see the mark you make?

You get to choose which inkling to listen to. Will it be the Bully today? Or the one that reminds you that you matter, and that you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for?

Let’s give this Self Confidence thing a shot. 🙂


4 thoughts on “In which I give my Inner Critic the Bird

    • Stella, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! I love hearing about people’s pet projects, and how they overcome the hurdles to make their dreams happen! Send me a link to your blog – I would love to read it. Something that I have found SUPER helpful is the ability to write several blog posts at a time, and schedule when they get published. Between my full time job, keeping my family (and home) running smoothly, and social obligations, I just don’t have time (or the inspiration!!) to write posts every day. So on the weekend I set aside a few hours, write a few drafts, and schedule them to appear on certain days of the week! Then it totally looks like I’m working more consistently than I am. It’s like magic! ;D

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