about Victorian Boheme


About Me:
I can’t call myself  hipster, because Hipsters are a Thing. I hate Things. And Labels. And Fads (except for Tamagotchis. MY LOVE WILL NEVER DIE). Mostly I hate being pinned down as This- or That-Type of Girl, and really anything having to do with Schedules and Routines. 

This has made starting a blog and a small business Very Difficult Indeed. (Because, y’know, people like to read regular content or something.)

I’m kind of a hippy, but also kind of not. I guess my mistrust of the patriarchy edges towards the Punk, but also kind of not. I like pop music (it’s like twinkies for my ear-holes!), and 70’s folk music, and also lots of stuff other than pop and folk. I’m an irreverent fuck trapped in the suburban Bible Belt, but I make the best of things because despite my prickly exterior, I’m sort of an optimist.

I’m finally legally married to my best friend (we’re Lesbi-friends! – 10 points to anyone who can Name That Movie Quote), and together we love to dote on our 2 dogs, 1 cat, and make terrible accountability buddies at the adoption kiosk at PetsMart.

About this Blog:
If you like reading snarky people’s thoughts that also sometimes try to be uplifting, but also don’t mind putting up with random updates and random topics and kind of a lot of swearing and ellipses, then Welcome! I’m glad you dropped by.

If any of the following are offensive to you, then maybe we can’t be friends (but also, maybe we can, because for all my snark, I do know how to play nice) …
+ sometimes being Meme-y
+ suprise!swearing
+ navel-gazing that includes spirituality other than just the Jesus stuff (though I do think he was an awesome dude as far as religious icons go)
+ Teh Gay
+ destroying the gender binary
+ kittens

I might blog about stuff like gardening & home repair sagas, daily goings on, how I try to stay motivated, emotional-healing-type crap, and also sometimes post things about my etsy shop. I hope you like it, and I hope you comment and stuff, but if not, that’s cool too. I’m not everyone’s cuppa tea. I just figure it’s pretty tiring to try to show only one part of myself and keep the rest bottled up. Well, tiring for me, and boring for you.

Let’s Connect!
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