In which I make the world a better place, one finch at a time

You want to know the best $7 I ever spent? Bird seed. Oh yeah.

My house is technically in the land of Suburbia, but at least it’s cool suburbia. I live like less than 7 miles away from a nature preserve. You know why my sister-in-law (who also lives here) doesn’t leave her chihuahuas outside unattended? BECAUSE OF THE HAWKS, FALCONS, AND VULTURES THAT CRUISE OUR NEIGHBORHOODS LOOKING TO PICK UP CHICKS. No shit.

Once, my wife was minding her own business, having a smoke break at work at night, and you know what happened? A FOX HAPPENED. Just walked through the parking lot, like y’do.


(that’s what he said as he tipped his hat when he passed by her).

My neighbors have always gotten the cool birds though. Cardinals, Blue Jays, Chickadees… we don’t have many appealing Hidey Spots, since our landscape is devoid of shrubbery. Our stupid neighbors have bushes. And some trees and stuff. Stupid landscaping.

Well, this winter I decided to stop moping already, and put up a bird feeder! Every morning, I get doves, cardinals, and leetle finchies vying for the best spots at my feeders. It’s better than TV guys! My cat chitters at them angrily from her perch near the window, and I smush my nose up to the glass of the back door. They don’t do much besides, y’know, eat seeds and stuff, but it makes me really happy to know that their needs are taken care of. We might not get as harsh a winter as, say, THE ENTIRE REST OF THE POPULATION, because: Texas. But that doesn’t mean food still isn’t scarce for these little buggers.

I feel like I’m Giving Back in some small way. Like my efforts matter. Like maybe I’m making a tiny corner of the world a happier, less hungry place. I’ve always felt a connection to Nature, and I’m excited: this year I’m going to work on making my landscape a bit more wilderness-friendly. These housing developments displace so much of the local flora and fauna – by creating an oasis for the birds and butterflies that remain, maybe I’m helping to heal at least a little slice of our Mother Earth.


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