A most righteous Mass Effect DIY

Ok, brace yourselves, guys. You know how I told you I’d show off all my holiday crafting, but then left you hanging like a tease? Well, the wait is over!! This project was my pièce de résistance, the most amazing-est project I’ve tackled in a while. My crafter-friends might know what I’m talking about: don’t you just love taking on a project that turns out to be a bigger bite than you think you can chew? No, not the part where your anxiety levels go through the roof, you lay awake at night terrified that you won’t meet your deadline, and everyone around you starts worrying about your sanity… No! The part where you rise spectacularly to the challenge, and your end product turns out more awesome than you thought you could have ever done!!


That’s this hoodie, all the way!

My wife is a HUGE fan of the epic video game, Mass Effect. It’s pretty stellar – you play as an elite marine in a futuristic army, and turn out to be pretty much the only hope standing between everyone in the galaxy and utter annihilation by a race of AIs hellbent on starting everything back at square one. It’s a seriously amazing trilogy of games, and I never get tired of watching her play through. 


Anyway, so the main character, Commander Shepherd, is a member of an elite branch of humanity’s army, called the N7s. The N7s have an iconic set of armor, cuz they’re real trend-setters like that. My wife has been jonesin’ for some N7 gear from Bioware’s Official Online Store for months, but da-yum, that shit’s expensive. So y’know, since I Make The Things, I figured I’d try my hand at making her Christmas Dreams come true. 


(and also, this wallet!)

I can’t tell you how stressed that made me! The stakes were high! Either she’d get the best Christmas haul ever, or she’d open her gifts and give me the grimace that every crafter knows and dreads: the “Ohhh, what a nice thought…” grimace. The face that says, “I’ll only wear this in front of you once before I try to get the dog to ‘accidentally’ pee on it so I can finally throw it away…”. 

Guys, that was not the expression on her face. I pretty much owned Christmas this year! I don’t mean to brag or anything, but Santa totally asked if I could teach a webinar for his elves this year. Yeah, it’s like that.

Anyway, I may post a more detailed DIY on the process in the next month or so. Would anyone be interested in reading something like that? I’m still trying to find my Blogging Groove. DIYs are definitely in the works – I’d love feedback on the kinds of things you’d enjoy seeing here.


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