In which I see an Omen

January 1st 2015 ’twas a dark and stormy night, and no one in their right minds should’ve been out in that shit. For serious. But gossip is gossip, and since juicy tidbits are best shared in person over drinks, my sweet sister-in-law bravely faced the elements. Startled by a visitor at such a late hour, I opened my door to find her on my front stoop, bundled against the cold, but drenched. My wife rushed her inside, and urged her be warm near our roaring fire space heater. As I turned to close the door against the storm, I shouted and ducked, for something large and entirely too FLAPPY barreled into the foyer, and up to the second floor.

My heart pounded and my mind raced, for it seemed too damn cold out for anything as innocent as a Moth of Monsterous Proportions to be hanging around. What dared breach my threshold?! Who waged battle against my hearth and home??!



My face pretty much sums up how I felt about the situation. NATURE HAPPENED IN MY HOUSE. My house, guys! Aside from being a delightfully amusing situation, and a bona fide Magical Moment, hosting this guy at my New Year’s Fairy Tea Party (he politely declined refreshments, asking only to go back out to see his girlfriend) was an Omen. My first Good Omen of 2015.

Humour me as I wax a bit philosophical here… I absolutely believe in signs and omens. I believe in unseen forces helping to guide our lives. I believe that if you can manage to look at the events in your life with a sense of almost childlike wonder, you can see common threads that guide you along your path, like a friendly current in a babbling stream. Fighting this current is human nature – we like to imagine we control more than we actually do. But learning to relax and enjoy the ride has only ever brought me good things.

Wrens are symbols of Joyfully Embracing Change. As a (usually) migratory bird, these little guys rarely stay in one place for more than a season – but that doesn’t stop them from making themselves right at home in whatever situation they might find themselves. They are playful and social creatures, and create strong bonds within their little family units.

I can’t tell you how perfectly I feel this sums up my life right now. Deciding to jump into this self-employment thing hasn’t exactly made parts of my life feel more stable. In fact, I spent a good portion of 2014 fighting those changes and feeling sorry for myself. Honestly, the only thing that’s helped keep me sane have been the bonds I’ve been nurturing within my Framily. In the last 6 months, I’ve challenged myself to look on the bright side, to stop holding so tightly to all my problems, and to stop imagining that I’m alone. I’ve surrounded myself with supportive, loving family, and I’ve found that no matter how many things shift and change, no matter how unrecognizable my life becomes – I can still feel at home, because Home is in my heart.

So thank you, Mr. Wren, for your timely visit. Before you dropped by, I’d been pondering the New Year, wondering if I was on the right path, moving in healthy directions that will align with my values, goals, and purpose. I needed the reminder that this new path I’m forging, this new perspective I’m nurturing… it’s all setting a strong foundation for the life I’m creating for myself.
Blessed Be.

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