In which I break my Holiday Silence

Hey guys! Sorry for my radio silence. My holiday season was jam-packed with family, festivity, and food! Some of my favourite “f-words”…!

Every year, I commit to making a few handmade Christmas presents, and every year I forget how stressful that is! I was worried that things might not get finished in time (what with my Holiday Craft Show at the beginning of December, and more items on my social calendar than this introvert usually has in 6 months!!), but I managed to get everything done, with a little time to spare. And by “time to spare” I mean “wrapped and under the tree on Christmas Eve”. Don’t judge me! So I work well under pressure…

So after I came down from the final celebratory sugar coma, and the wrapping paper carnage was properly stowed, I needed a flippin’ break … which I didn’t get for another week or two. Did I mention my birthday is one week after Christmas? (It was delightful, by the by. I have the best wife and family!!)

Anyway, all this is to say, I missed you! I know I only have about five regular readers (Hiii, mom!), but I’ve really grown to enjoy updating a blog again. (I used to LiveJournal like a fooool back in the day, man). Here in the next week or two, I’ll be sharing some pictures from the projects I’ve been working on – both the gifts, and the new stock for my etsy shoppe. I’ll also likely share an obligatory New Years Resolutions post, because I actually really love that shit.

If anything tickles your fancy, I’d love to hear from you! Comments are Love, guys. Never forget that blogging with zero feedback is like screaming into a vacuum. Nature abhors it, and so do I.



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