following my muse

One of the things that has amazed me most about this crazy entrepreneurial adventure has been that my shop seems to be taking on a life and direction of its own. Making the decision to follow my muse wherever she might take me was a terrifying act of courage. Looking forward, guessing at what to do next was like stumbling through a fog, holding up a lantern. However well intentioned the light might have seemed, it just ended up casting glare and causing confusion. It is by looking back at my creations and actions that I’ve started to see the common thread.


Take a peek at my etsy shoppe!

I’ve always found inspiration and solace in nature, and create an eclectic and sometimes unusual personal style. I believe that the world is a magical and wondrous place, and love imagining that Wee Folk and Fairies are all around. Bit by bit, that’s really starting to show in my creations, and I really like the result. These are a few of the products in my shop of which I am most proud.


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