Gypsy Waggon Love

If you follow the simple living movement at all, you’ve probably heard of Tiny Homes. It’s actually a brilliant solution to the perfect storm of a depressed economy, increased cost of living, and a desire to live with less. Instead of sinking a huge percentage of their income into a mortgage on a house that’s too big for their needs, a growing part of the population are spending about $10k to build a 200-sq-ft house on wheels. 

What you might NOT have heard about are Vardos.

Romani Gypsies wrote the book on small living in portable homes, sadly because they were frequently driven out of town due to social prejudice. Because of their nomadic life, many turned horse-drawn wagons into their homes – but being on the move didn’t have to mean a life of privation. Just like in any other culture, these wagon homes became a symbol of status – the more ornate, the more colourful, the better.

I’m not sure which came first, but there is a Vardo building movement as well. Some people use them as back yard studios, some as camper trailers. Building a Vardo is on my bucket list for sure. Have you ever seen anything so delightful?


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