It helps to see Results

I wouldn’t call myself a Homemaker, by any stretch of the imagination. I like to make efforts at it periodically, and pretend I can keep up with my pinterest-fueled dreams of tidyness…. but then I start gardening. Or blogging. Or making protptypes and products for my etsy shoppe…. Inevitably, one thing leads to another, and before you can say Dereliction of Duty, my sink is overflowing with toxic sludge dirty dishes.

So naturally I looked at my wife like she grew a tentacle from her forhead when she suggested I might lift my mood by tidying the house last weekend.

I’ve spent the last two weeks buying fabrics, creating my own pattern, and doing test runs of some fairly amazing Christmas Stockings (humility alert!). But as is the case with many projects I start, things rarely go according to plan.

I decided that in order to avoid lighting my craft room on fire, smearing the glittery ashes on my face like war paint, and dancing naked in the pale moonlight – that maybe I should take a mental break. This was how my wife found me moping on the patio, and proceeded to grow a tentacle from her forehead. I figured What the Hell, and gave it a go.

So I learned that sometimes the best way to battle the soul-crushing frustration that comes from projects going awry is to do one simple thing which, when completed, LOOKS completed. You can point to it, gather your friends round, and toast A Thing That Is Done.


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