August Break 2014 – “Handwriting”

I loved this particular photo challenge. I got to incorporate some of my favourite heirloom trinkets to help set the stage for this one. I loved “playing” with the props, moving things around… I was very pleased with the idea to use an antique tablecloth as a backdrop! I was also surprised to find out that smart phone cameras have come a long way since my first iPhone years ago – my LG’s auto focus can be turned off, allowing for some intriguing Macro possibilities….

So, without further adieu, my contributions for the August Break “Handwriting” prompt:




My wife inherited a few mementos from her family, collected over several generations. Some of my favourites have been the old photographs and letters – some dating to the late 1800’s! I love pouring over the century-old correspondence, trying to puzzle out the context, imagining what the author’s life must have been like.

I love the looping script, blotched in places by errant specks of ink. Knowing how painstakingly these letters were written, deliberately, slowly – makes me yearn for a slower time myself.

There’s a profound reminder in remembering a time when getting in touch with family or friends meant pausing your day enough to spend an hour writing a letter. It makes me realize how silly my excuses seem in comparison – when I can’t even make time to pick up the phone, or skype!

Slowing down my pace, and relishing the moments that fill my heart – that’s up to me. And every day is a fresh chance to start!


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